Welcome to Local 1703's new web site!

This web site was created to provide you with instant access to information about Local 1703. With this site you will be able to learn more about your union and become more involved in your union.


Our goal is to have our members utilize this site to enhance the service’s we provide to them.


We encourage our members to send us their e-mail addresses so we may send them information that is relevant to them and their fellow members. Members must include the chapter they are a member of, along with their employment position and Union position so we may verify their membership.


We will continue to work to expand this site to provide you with more information in the most efficient manner available to us.

As we work together to improve and enhance this web site, we will continue to look for better and new ways to improve our union.  As always, we welcome any comments and suggestions our members may have.


           Gerry Mills Jr.

           President Local 1703


You can email Gerry at gmillsjr@afscmelocal1703.org